Echoes From Beyond

Ghost hunting through a gorgeous augmented reality experience !


Transform your device into an ectoplasmic energy radar and hunt ghosts hidden in the real world around you!

Shoot ghosts with your nifty laser beam, and extract their ectoplasmic energy (EKTO). Careful though, your battery’s limited, so try and be accurate! Do you have what it takes to hunt the most powerful ghosts? Do you have what it takes to be ranked in the all time best Ghost Blasters ?

Prepare for battle, we need you to be part of the Ghost Blasters Team and fight all these ghosts invading the world! And it’s only the beginning …

Game Features:
  • Tons of wicked 3D ghosts to shoot
  • Unique ghosts waves for every playing location in the world
  • Collect as much EKTO energy as possible to raise to the best Ghost Blasters ranking
  • Upgrade your weapons and traps using your EKTO score
  • Online ranking using Game Center – Will you be the best Ghost Blaster of the world?
  • worldwide geo-local scoring feature : Will you be the best hunter in your neighborhood ?
  • Share pictures of your epic battles with your friends
  • Astounding augmented reality technology using ARKit
The game works best with an internet connection, but you can still play in wireless mode.
Join the ghost hunt!
Ghost Blasters 2 is available on Apple devices. Click here to download !

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