Immersive Hardware

We create custom immersive systems based on your requirements, in mobile or static setup.

Immersive Rooms

We design cost-effective immersive rooms based on your requirements. The room can offer up to 4 immersive displays (front, sides and ground projection), each of them offering a projection between 7 and 10 feet high. The self-sustained structures we provide do not alter your existing room, while optimizing the global footprint of the system.
The immersive room offers a truly advanced user experience. Users only wear a pair of 3D glasses, leading into natural & social project reviews or presentations, for an unlimited number of participants simultaneously. Contact us to discover this technology. 

SCALee immersive display in a suitcase

We have packed the immersive room technology into a standard traveling suitcase. In just a few minutes you can turn any white wall into a huge 10 ft x 10 ft immersive 3D display, including markerless 3D tracking device, that can be ran without any technical operator.
A tablet allows you to control your applications, and project your 3D models in 1:1 scale on this giant display.


We can help you choose the best deal for your needs.

Many VR and AR solutions are available on the market: HTC Vive Pro / Focus, Oculus Rift / Quest, Valve Index, HoloLens, Smartphone-based headsets, and so on. Technologies are constantly evolving with different solutions, such as Inside-out or outside-in tracking, wireless devices, and all these advantages and contraints should be taken into account for your project.

Contact us to discuss your project.