As of this morning, Dacia vehicles, alongside all websites and advertising across Europe, now proudly display the brand’s new visual identity.

Today, customers can already discover and specify their desired Dacia models. In October at the Mondial de l’Auto in Paris, they will be able to physically see what the vehicles look like for the first time, followed soon after at their local Dacia dealership.

Till then, Dacia has asked Scale-1 Portal to launch an augmented reality app for smartphone and tablets, available for all: Dacia AR. It has been designed to be simple, fun and modern allows people to see vehicles up to 1:1 scale and to even view from the inside.

With Dacia AR, customers can place the vehicle in any chosen real-world environment, such as in a garage, car park, on the street or in the great outdoors. They can get up close, move around and zoom in on a specific detail.

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