SCALE-1 PORTAL launches MoveR

SCALE-1 PORTAL launches MoveR, an immersive therapy in mixed reality for dizziness and balance disorders, at the CES 2019 in Las Vegas, on January 8, 2019.

MoveR is an application dedicated to vestibular rehabilitation therapy, intended for health professionals. This technology offers an immersive experience without any headset, without carrying a motion capture device and completely wireless – the patient is transported in scenarios controlled live by the professional. The project has received support from Thierry Guillot, physiotherapist specialized in balance disorders.

MoveR offers two experiences immersing the user in a virtual environment with only a pair of 3D glasses. Using a touch screen with a simple and clear interface, the physician will be able to control directly these scenarios in order to adapt them to the patient.
Dedicated in particular to reducing visual dependence in disorders of the balancing system, the two experiments will generate a sensory conflict in order to make greater use of somesthesia and the vestibular system.
One of these experiences also encourages the user to perform movements in response to the physician’s choices. This means, for example, trying to catch virtual objects or avoid obstacles in a scrolling path.

The equipment can be integrated simply into a room, leaning on existing walls and/or ceilings, without monopolizing a dedicated floor space.

The project was installed exclusively in the cabinet of the “Pôle Vertiges et Équilibre” (Vertigo and Balance Center) on November 13th, for its medical validation. More than 30 people were able to test the product, including Clotilde Ballbe – a specialist in balancing system disorders.

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